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Property Investment

Property investment can be a lucrative way to diversify your portfolio and generate income by purchasing and owning real estate or join investor pools together to invest in real estate projects. We help you understand the risks and rewards – such as the potential for passive income, the illiquidity of real estate assets, and the need to manage properties or work with property managers.

Land Investment

Invest in land to diversify your investment portfolio and potentially earn returns. We help our potential investors to be aware of the specific types of land-related investment options available through investment products in residential and commercial development land, Cropland and livestock-raising land, Recreational land and more..

Start-up Investment

Investing in startups for potentially lucrative opportunities through
crowdfunding and seeding rounds to fund in startups and shares in early-growth companies. We offer a curated selection of companies for investing in startups and analyse risks and fund allocation.

About Aarkri Investments

Who Are We?

At Aarkri Investments, we aim to create a better world by investing in multiple endeavours in the Property Sector, Land Ownership Sector and Start-Up Companies. With 12 years of experience in safe investment, we now wish to offer our knowledge and advice with anyone sharing the same vision as us and to grow together.

We invest today in the success of tomorrow.

How can we help?

  • Gain more knowledge about specific company information, land or property rates, new investment areas for growth such as stocks, technological advancement and more..
  • Build a more complete picture of a company’s performance
  • Determine the future performance of financial instruments for price movements


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